Second Opinions in Colorado Criminal Cases – The Second Opinion Consultation Process

Second Options Second Opinion In Colorado Criminal Cases The Second Opinion Consultation Process If you have questions about your Colorado Criminal case and you are already represented and have faith in your lawyer but want to double check his or her work this kind of paid consultation makes sense.

In the Colorado criminal justice system much what an attorney does for the client may be have varying levels of difficulty for the client to understand. If is frightening at another level because much of what is done occurs with little or no significant input from the client.

The Nature of the Attorney Client Relationship Requires Trust

The nature of he attorney client relationship requires trust. But trust in this context still leads to constant anxiety and sleepless nights for the client…especially where the charges are serious. Clearly the majority of Colorado criminal lawyers are not only competent but are “zealous advocates” for their respective clients.

Why Then the Need for a Second Opinion?

With the anticipated results of your criminal case bearing down on you you want to make sure no stone is unturned and every base covered… It is at this time that it might make sense to receive a second opinion from an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer.

The idea then, behind the a “Second Opinion” is to help you sleep better at night.

Steps And Description of the Second Opinion Program a Description of the Substance of the Second Opinion What Exactly is a Second Opinion Case Evaluation?

If you already have retained a Colorado criminal defense lawyer and want specific questions answered as regards your case, here is what you will receive:

Our case evaluation fees start at $1500.00 and include the following:

  • An In-Depth Personal Face To Face Meeting Case Review which includes
  • A Review All State And Private Investigations
  • A Review All of the Police Reports
  • A Review of All of the Expert Reports
  • Any Legal Research (that might be necessary which includes case law research arising out of the the analyzed facts and evidence in the case)
  • An Analysis of the Facts of the Specific Case
  • Analysis of All of the Evidence arising out of the firm’s review of the case
  • Any Legal Recommendations Arising Out Of All of The Above
Second Opinions In Colorado Criminal Cases The Second Opinion Consultation Process The Steps To Obtaining A Second Opinion From H. Michael Steinberg Step 1 Tell Your Lawyer This Should Not Normally Done Secretly

Telling your present lawyer about the idea of obtaining a second opinion is a good idea and is only fair to them. If they are truly professional they will welcome the idea. In Step 1 you tell your lawyer that you intend to retain another lawyer for the sole purpose of reviewing the case file and providing a second opinion in the case. Your lawyer’s cooperation is needed to assist in providing the reports and defense investigation in the case for the Second Opinion lawyer’s review.

If you decide NOT to let your current lawyer know that you are seeking a second opinion, we will NOT consult with them or share the findings and recommendations of our second opinion evaluation without your permission.

Step 2. Waiving All Issues of Lawyer Client Confidentiality To Enable Communication Between Defense Lawyers

In order for your Second Opinion Lawyer’s opinion to be as thorough as possible you should agree to waive all issues of confidentiality and then ask your present lawyer agree to provide the necessary information sought by this law firm to provide a thorough and complete second legal opinion. You also will need to be available to answer any questions that the this firm may need to ask and there WILL BE questions.

Step 3. Make Certain This IS What You Want To Do Then Do NOT Hold Anything Back

H. Michael asks you to not only think carefully about the need for and expense of a Second Opinion. You do this by writing down the questions and issues that are keeping you up at night.

Step 4. H. Michael Will Tell You The Flat Fee For The Second Opinion

After you have made the decision to seek a Second Opinion, You need to find out the cost of the opinion. Within a few hours of less of contacting our firm H. Michael Steinberg will listen to the complexity of your case and then setting the flat fee which will be based on the on the amount of time and the nature of your case. If you agree to the flat fee an appointment to pay that fee and for H. Michael to receive and review the paperwork is set and the process is started. .

Second Opinion Lawyers No Different Than Medical Second Opinions From Experienced Physicians

In the medical field obtaining a second opinion has been the standard operating procedure for decades Today in the field of criminal law second opinions are becoming a more and more well-established way for a client faced with the loss of freedom the loss of their employment or the loss of their family or their economic future provides more than a strong incentive to pay the reasonable fee for another set of eyes on your criminal case.

Felony and certain misdemeanor convictions have life long direct and collateral consequences that may last for the rest of the client’s life. The list of collateral consequences arising from a criminal conviction is much too long to list in this short article. Suffice it to say a criminal conviction is a life altering event.

The Costs of an Experienced Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Second Opinion On Balance Make Sense

A Colorado criminal defense lawyer’s second opinion rarely costs the amount of time and money necessary to undue the wrong decision. Do not be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Accepting a plea bargain negotiating for a better “deal” or taking a case to trial are ALL part of the decision making process placed on the shoulders of the person charged in a Colorado criminal case. Rejecting a plea and proceeding to trial can have grave consequences. Proceeding to trial without a clear and defined risk benefit analysis is is mistake itself. However proceeding to trial and then losing at trial almost always results in a much harsher sentence than that of a plea agreement.

The Decision to “Go To Trial”

If you proceed to trial, you must know exactly what risks you are facing if you lose. You need to fully understand the total short and long term consequences of that decision. Juries are absolutely unpredictable. Any truly experienced Colorado criminal defense trial attorney will tell you they have lost trials they should have won, and have won trials they should have lost. The whole system is based on the most unpredictable of institutions the jury.

A Second Opinion Provides Peace of Mind

It is very difficult for a defendant to trust the advice of an attorney any attorney but especially an attorney that he or she does not get along with. A second opinion case evaluation offers the defendant an unbiased and objective evaluation of the case, and reassures the defendant that either entering or rejecting a plea offer is in the defendant’s best interest. While never discussed openly most Colorado attorney-client fee agreements call for the lawyer to charge a “trial fee” to take the case all the way through a trial. This provides a financial interest in the case proceeding to trial. Ethical lawyers explain this obvious conflict of interest to their clients thus enabling them to make an informed decision.

A second opinion removes any incentive to take the case to trial. Whether you decide to “take a plea deal” or proceed to trial, the decision should not be made lightly. An unbiased Second Opinion Evaluation can be done with no vested or other financial interest in the outcome.

How is a Free Consultation Different From a Second Opinion Evaluation? A Free Case Consultation

A Free Case Consultation means providing to individuals who are looking to retain a defense lawyer for a criminal case or issue it is geared to representing the client in court or otherwise in the matter at hand.

A Second Opinion Evaluation

Here you already have a Colorado criminal defense lawyer. Your case has probably been pending for some time and is the need for a decision is at hand. Most likely you have been advised by your attorney lawyer of a certain case strategy, such as accepting the district attorney’s offer, or taking the case to trial. This is a major life decision and you are confused on how to proceed.

The advice you seek needs to be unbiased, independent, in your best interests, and based on a thorough and careful analysis of all the facts and law in our case.

Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain With An Experienced Colorado “Second Opinion” Lawyer’s Advice

If H. Michael agrees with your present Colorado criminal defense lawyer he will tell you that if he doesn’t he will tell you why he doesn’t in detail. You decide what direction to take after you have received all of the information our advice and your options. If you wish to then take your case in a different direction and we agree too take your case our firm will take care of everything, including notifying your current Colorado criminal defense lawyer as well as the court about the substitution of lawyers and law firms.

One Caveat Your Lawyer’s Possibe Insecurities

Some lawyers, unlike doctors, become alarmed at being “second-guessed.” They feel threatened — as if another lawyer is coming in and looking over his or her shoulders. Here’s the rub on that, the insecurity of your lawyer to having his or her opinion reviewed must be secondary to your need to obtain the peace of mind and the best result in your case.

This is not a game this is your life. The lawyer is paid well and if the lawyer is a true professional they will not fear a review of the work they have done and the opinions they have rendered.

Second Opinions In Colorado Criminal Cases The Second Opinion Consultation Process

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