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Charged With A Crime?

Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney for Denver, and the Front Range of Colorado

“There is no substitute for experience…
One can teach from our experience, but we can never teach experience. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

“The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions”(Oliver Wendell Holmes)


Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney

H. Michael Steinberg
Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney H. Michael Steinberg defends the rights of his clients around the clock. Not only does H. Michael offer potential new clients a free online consultation on each of his websites – he encourages you to call him when you need to talk to someone quickly about a fast moving criminal case investigation or charges.

Please fill out the case evaluation quickly and send it to him. You will receive the benefit of a lifetime of legal experience from a lawyer who has successfully handled thousands of cases from drug crimes, to DUI – DWAI cases, to sex crimes, to theft crimes, to domestic violence cases, to juvenile criminal cases, to probation violation matters.

The kind of experienced criminal defense advocacy that is provided to the clients of H. Michael Steinberg gives his clients a level playing field against the State giving them the fair chance they deserve when fighting all level’s of criminal allegations filed against them.

The Track Record – Years Of Success In The Criminal Courtrooms Of Colorado – On Both Sides Of The Courtroom – As A Career Prosecutor AND As A Defense Lawyer

H. Michael Steinberg - Over 30 Years As A Colorado Criminal LawyerBy following the guidance of a law firm with a track record of success, Coloradans charged with ALL types of criminal offense will have the kind of effective and aggressive criminal defense they need from a Colorado criminal defense lawyer with over 34 years of Colorado criminal law experience on both sides of Colorado criminal law.  Knowing what the DA is thinking helps anticipate the strategies and tactics to be expected and provides insight in how to best resolve every criminal case.

A Specialized Practice Focused Exclusively On Colorado Criminal Defense

If you been accused of a crime in Colorado you will want a team of professionals with an unwavering desire to help others in need. This law firm is focused exclusively on Colorado criminal defense matters and H. Michael is personally vested in every client’s case in order to achieve the best outcome possible in any situation.

Founding lawyer – Between 1984 and 1997 – H. Michael Steinberg served as a career prosecutor for 13 years in Arapahoe and Douglas counties – Colorado and even before that as a law student for two years in Oregon. His former career as a DA preceded the launch of his own law firm in 1999 as an advocate for those accused in the courtrooms of the state of Colorado.

You Are Not Alone…

When you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit and when you are feeling defeated and in complete shock by the filing of charges against you and you are feeling like there is no where to turn, the skill of an effective and supportive lawyer is essential.

The Steinberg Colorado criminal defense law firm can protect your rights, fight to save your reputation, and more than all of these, secure your future freedom. After more than 34 years of courtroom experience handling criminal charges in every county in Colorado, from Denver to Jefferson County, from Adams to Douglas County, from El Paso (Colorado Springs) to Weld County, from Arapahoe to Gilpin Counties, and up and down the entire length and breadth of the Colorado Front Range.

H. Michael is among the most well known, experienced and nuanced criminal defense lawyers you will find in Colorado.

The Consequences Of a Colorado Criminal Conviction Are Both Direct and “Collateral”

Criminal charges of ANY kind are serious and will result in lifelong complications and hardships you can never anticipate. You must not sit on your rights – taking action quickly to protect your rights is of the utmost importance. Take action now and seek out the help you need as soon as possible.

Do not wait to contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer – even if you do not contact this firm – contact another in the Denver Metropolitan area. Call a firm today – our firm offers a free case evaluation in which you will learn about some of the possible various strategies that can be used to fight your charges and help you avoid a conviction.

Our firm has earned its highly-respected reputation ans  you will receive the kind of help and support you will need of a trustworthy lawyer—an attorney who has your best interests in mind and is well equipped to aggressively fight for you.

H. Michael prides himself on the strictest professional standards and excellence in representation of his clients. Every case from the least serious misdemeanor to the most serious felony receives the utmost attention and care.

Being charged with a crime is very stressful to the accused AND his or her family, and the selection of a legal team is a very personal and serious decision. We appreciate the confidence that clients place in our firm and we will do the utmost to maintain that trust and confidence.

Communication – Contact – and Questions Answered

H. Michael is always free to answer your questions – that is why he maintains regular contact with his clients, making certain that each and every client is kept updated on his or her case.  A criminal charge is a trying time in the client’s life. Stress is unavoidable but it can be minimized  through open and honest communication with the mutual goal of reaching an optimal outcome for the client.

Never hesitate in choosing your criminal defense legal team. Delay will cause you to miss important deadlines and possible defense opportunities.


The Quadrant Building 5445 DTC Parkway, PH4 Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

H. Michael Steinberg is a recognized expert in all areas of Colorado criminal law.  He regularly publishes dozens of articles regarding the practice of criminal law and is a frequent provider of  legal analysis on radio and television, appearing in the media on both local and national media outlets from CNN to the Fox News Channel.

To speak to H. Michael about a Colorado criminal matter call his office at 303-627-7777 – or call him directly at 720-220-2277.

Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney

By H. Michael Steinberg  – committed to providing the highest level criminal defense at affordable prices.

H. Michael Steinberg accepts all Denver, Colorado and Federal criminal cases He has conducted hundreds of arraignments, bail arguments, suppression hearings, grand jury proceedings, bench and jury trials in the trial courts of Denver, across Colorado and in federal court since 1982.

If you are facing a criminal charge or believe that you are the target of a criminal investigation in Denver or across Colorado – your freedom is at stake. You need to enlist an experienced, trustworthy Colorado criminal defense attorney who can guide you through the complexities of the criminal process in the criminal courts of Colorado and protect your interests and rights.

No Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney will fight for your freedom harder than H. Michael Steinberg.

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