Defending Professionals Charged With Colorado Criminal Offenses

By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer for the Defense of Colorado Professionals

A criminal charge may put a medical professional’s licensure in jeopardy. The Law Offices of H. Michael Steinberg will defend you. While our primary practice is the vigorous defense of criminal cases – there is a clear overlap where that criminal case leads to the possible loss of professional license. Our firm works hard to help you maintain the status you have worked so hard to achieve.

If a criminal charge has put your Colorado professional licensure in jeopardy, contact our firm to defend you. We have extensive experience in the defense of Colorado Criminal Cases.

If you have been charged with a crime in Denver and across the state of Colorado – whether it threatens your professional standing or not – make sure you have lawyers on your side ready to defend you and preserve your rights.

What follows is Colorado’s law regarding the effect of a criminal charge on a Colorado Medical License:

12-36-117. Unprofessional Conduct
  1. “Unprofessional conduct” as used in this article means:
    • f. Any conviction of an offense of moral turpitude, a felony, or a crime that would constitute a violation of this article. For purposes of this paragraph (f), “conviction” includes the entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or the imposition of a deferred sentence.
    • g. Administering, dispensing, or prescribing any habit-forming drug or any controlled substance as defined in section 12-22-303 (7), other than in the course of legitimate professional practice;
    • h. Any conviction of violation of any federal or state law regulating the possession, distribution, or use of any controlled substance, as defined in section 12-22-303 (7), and, in determining if a license should be denied, revoked, or suspended, or if the licensee should be placed on probation, the board shall be governed by section 24-5-101, C.R.S. For purposes of this paragraph (h), “conviction” includes the entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or the imposition of a deferred sentence(i) Habitual or excessive use or abuse of alcohol, a habit-forming drug, or a controlled substance as defined in section 12-22-303 (7);
    • r. Engaging in a sexual act with a patient during the course of patient care or within six months immediately following the termination of the licensee’s professional relationship with the patient. “Sexual act”, as used in this paragraph (r), means sexual contact, sexual intrusion, or sexual penetration as defined in section 18-3-401, C.R.S.
    • w. Dispensing or injecting an anabolic steroid as defined in section 18-18-102 (3), C.R.S., unless such anabolic steroid is dispensed from a pharmacy prescription drug outlet pursuant to a prescription order or is dispensed by any practitioner in the course of his professional practice;
    • x. Prescribing, distributing, or giving to a family member or to oneself except on an emergency basis any controlled substance as defined in section 18-18-204, C.R.S., or as contained in schedule II of 21 U.S.C. sec. 812, as amended;
Will I Lose My Medical or Other Professional License if I am Convicted of a Criminal Offense in Colorado? Defending Professionals – First Time Offenders Denver, Colorado Professionals First Time Offender Attorney for Professionals

If you are a professional (doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, law enforcement personnel, firefighter, CPA, State employee, Federal employee, business person) and have been arrested for a criminal offense in the Denver Area including the Front Range of Colorado, or surrounding counties, contact the Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm, for specific information on defending professionals charged with a crime.

As a Professional Your Circumstances are Unique

As a professional, this is likely your first encounter with the criminal justice system which can be intimidating and overwhelming. As a First Time Offender, the Steinberg Law Firm has the experience to guide you through this difficult situation while working to ensure that your reputation and career are protected.

As a professional charged with a criminal offense you have much more to lose than the typical defendant. Professionals must realize that a criminal offense on your record can affect your employment, professional licensure, current business, future earnings, and potential to continue in the career that you have spent lifetime training for.

Immediate and qualified legal representation is critical to minimize the negative impacts of an arrest and to avoid a conviction.

The Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm can help address both the criminal charge with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, as well as assist in working with your employer to ensure that you are treated fairly and within the law. Our objective is to have the prosecutor drop all criminal charges against you to protect your career and professional licensing. As well, we offer services to assist you in Sealing and Expunging your criminal record as necessary to protect your career.

Client Reviews
"Mr. Steinberg provided my family with expert handling of my son's case. He took extra time understand the case, to consult with us during the pretrial proceedings, and to support him for a plea agreement. Mr. Steinberg is very knowledge about the law and very professional. He guided us in achieving the best possible outcome for my son. If I am ever in need of law services again, I will certainly have Mr. Steinberg handle my case. l also highly recommend his services to anyone that might be in need of an excellent defense attorney!" Tanya Witt
"I found myself in criminal trouble, that I wasn't guilty of and thanks to Mr. Steinberg's dedication and hard work, right before we we're looking at having to continue on to trial level Mr. Steinberg was able to use his vast knowledge of the law and his many respected years in the system to find a way to show my innocence. After a very unsure and somewhat difficult time for me, this very skilled and knowledgeable attorney was able to find the right path to take to reach a dismissal in my case. For that I can't tell you how much I appreciate his representation and his excellent understanding and helpful personality. He's a great man and an even better attorney but don't misunderstand him, he is an attorney not a therapist. Thanks H." Josh
"Working with Michael Steinberg was a wonderful experience. Truly people need to know that he is a expert in what he does. His personality is compassionate, intellectual, and down to earth. I glean that Michael is fun to be around. In the time I worked with him, it was a pleasure to be around him. As for my case, the outcome was amazing and couldn’t be better. He has made my life more manageable because of the outcome of my case. I’ve worked with other lawyers in the Denver area. He is superior to them all. If you’re in need of a lawyer and you come across Mr. Steinberg look no further he’s going to be the one you need. Thank you again Michael." Renee Taylor
Mr. Steinberg, It has been an honor working with you. I very much appreciated your style, demeanor, patience, and determination. I was well instructed in every step of the court process, and I felt that I received excellent guidance and timely information regarding my case. You have been extremely thoughtful with your time, and I was very impressed with your sensitivity in responding to my requests. Thank you. Anonymous