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White collar crimes across the country refer to business-related financial crimes and are often committed for monetary gain. Many people that commit white collar crimes are in influential positions in the government or a company, such as politicians, business CEOs and executives.

White collar crime is also perpetrated by individuals in a positions of trust within governmental agencies and the businesses of all sizes. These are individuals who have access, for example, to money and accounting records. White collar crime is estimated to cost the United States more than $300 billion dollars each year. Embezzlement, fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, theft by check, tax evasion, insider trading, conspiracy and forgery are all considered white collar offenses.

Often federal offenses, tried in the federal court system with the backing of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and federal prosecutors.

Win or lose – guilty or not guilty, a conviction for a white collar crime can severely damage a person’s reputation, as well as robbing you of your freedom. If you are convicted of committing a white collar crime, you could face serious penalties including huge fines, restitution to the business or individual on whom the crime was committed, and jail or prison time that can extend up to ten years or more in very serious cases.

Some examples of white collar crimes are:



Unauthorized use of business assets

Computer crimes and computer hacking

Business fraud

Insurance fraud

Credit card fraud

Counterfeiting / forgery

Theft / theft by check

It is critical that if you are being charged with a white collar crime offense that you speak to an attorney immediately. Colorado white collar crimes lawyer H. Michael Steinberg is extremely aggressive when it comes to fighting white collar crimes cases. He understands the complexity of a white collar crimes case and he will protect your reputation, your record and your future. Mr. Steinberg will review the facts of your case and put together the best winning defense for your white collar crimes case.

When you hire an attorney with years of experience and legal understanding, you are taking the first vital steps towards ensuring your case has the best possible chance at a successful outcome. Without the help of an attorney, your criminal charges could not only become a conviction, but you could also face the maximum possible penalties for the crime. The prosecution, especially Economic Crime Unites (ECU) in counties such as Denver and Arapahoe County – will fight hard to get the harshest penalties possible for a conviction. By hiring an attorney at our firm to fight on your behalf, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in the hands of a legal team fighting aggressively to protect your rights and your freedom.

Contact Attorney H. Michael Steinberg to discuss your white collar crimes case. Mr. Steinberg and has been practicing Colorado criminal law since 1983.

Accused of a white collar crime? Contact us today!

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