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Colorado Criminal Law – The Top 10 Reasons For Criminal Record Sealing in Colorado (Expungement)

Colorado laws on the sealing of records are complex and continue to become more complex because of changes in the last few years. However the basic reasons to try to seal a Colorado criminal arrest or drug related conviction remain the same.

Criminal Record Expungement basically means getting your criminal record or a conviction erased completely in the eyes of the law; it’s like the crime never happened and the conviction never happened either.

What follows are some of the prime reasons to seek to expunge a criminal record or records in Colorado.


1. If you apply for insurance and the insurance company finds a conviction on you criminal record, they may charge extremely high insurance premiums and depending upon the type of crime, they may not offer any kind of insurance to you.

Applying for a Loan

2. Having a criminal record will also put obstacles in your way of applying for a loan. Many banks and other institutions may hesitate before loaning you money and they will definitely charge a high interest rate to you. Students may not receive any loan or even financial aid from their institutions if they are found with a criminal record.


3. Another major problem that can arise is in housing; a lot of private landlords and other housing and real estate agencies may refuse to provide you with services or provide you with housing if you have a criminal record.

Student Loans and Secondary Education

4. For students, having a criminal record can be even more dangerous; your university may expel you from your current program, they may refuse any kind of aid or any sort of grant. They may also make you ineligible for any kind of honors or awards. If you apply to a university, you may not get an admission based solely on your criminal record.

Jobs and Promotions

5. Working and employed people will also find it hard to cope with work or continue with jobs after a conviction. Current employees may be terminated and future employers may refuse to employ you once they find out about your criminal record.

Gun Ownership

6. A criminal record will definitely restrict your rights to possess or purchase any kind of firearms. Gun ownership and possessing other kinds of armor may be restricted or even banned for people with a criminal record.

Volunteering Opportunities

7. If you wish to volunteer for any kind of work, that particular institution may not allow you to work with them or to have to volunteer at their organization if you have a criminal record.

Adoption of a Child

8. Although you may not have considered this before, but if you wish to adopt a child then such rights of yours will also be challenged and maybe even be denied if you have a conviction in the past.

State Licenses

9. State licenses and certificates may also be denied to you if your record has a conviction.

Federal Assistance

10. Most states also ban people from being eligible for federally funded assistance and food stamps and may also deny the eligibility for a federal assisted housing base in case of an arrest if the person has a conviction on his/her record.


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